Friday, January 30, 2015

#poetry - A Healthy Mission Statement

Today, I rank my mood at about an eight,
I know it's not a ten because the lights would be flickering,
But it's pretty good and smooth and must be up there.

But I'm going to come out and tell this now---
I've been going at this conservatively, taking my time,
Babying myself as needed and as I still do,
But that's it, even though I could use more, it's done---
Finito! This is me getting back on my feet, right now.

I declare it, regardless of any fear I might have about falling again,
Or bothering you in some way, or over doing it in some way,
Speaking and thinking only for myself and nothing toward
What you are capable of, though you are much a part of this too---
So yeah, move over rover cause I just ain't got time for depression no more,
Not now, I've got things to do, starting today! Starting right now.

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