Monday, January 12, 2015

#poetry - reciting memorized eternity

So show me some of this eternal meaning
If you dare summon the thing in yourself
I tell you we were meant only to try
And to nurse each other through each attempt

We've got to make ourselves tired make ourselves quit
Too potent the draw too coursing its life

I push the cart through each aisle each side blurred but understood

We'll eat sand from a sand box and tell ourselves it's spaghetti
Domina rose and bird flew domina rose and fell
Tree farmer sings but he's only a lonely grower
And it's so long till the next life how bout another song

I wonder if things that eat things alive do so
Because they don't know how to kill or not
But to try and vary the ways you before you
Eat a thing and make it your own rip it apart

I push the cart as I go while i sit in a wheelchair too
Our thoughts are not what determines next but
Memory reciting memorized eternity
As we are and as I am always

I forget and then I need to know and feeling is the appreciation
Not of new but for Memory decays to grow so recalls to show
Smelling the ice cubes tells of the demon you've captured
There is no sense in time unless there is

When sea gulls float against the wind and sun and sky

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