Sunday, February 8, 2015

#poetry - I am so thankful

I am so thankful to have achieved this state of peace,
The storm that led me here was fierce and long,
I was lost for awhile there and really lost!
The weight so thick and dark but dark hot---
Of remorse and shame and regret and anxiety and fear,
Of random thoughts of better apologies and finer plots,
Of electric sizzle stinging superego and fathoms below suppression spasms,
Of going in and out of having a clue and knowing it for sure only a moment and then not---
Of something so deep and horrid having fallen all over it it nearly killed me with my own hand,
But that it did not and I did linger on awhile long enough to finally settle into the higher gear,
I am so thankful---and I hope the same for you.
Because we have peace between us now, there is no harm exchanged at all now,
So we should be thankful and mindful how we got here and keep repeating those finer steps,
We just have to live in the now
And focus much less on the past or the future--
I'm pretty sure the rest will come to us and while it does we'll be all sorts of fine.

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