Saturday, January 17, 2009

"how we rose"

"how we rose"

no love is ever lost
but ever found
and ever new

no ashes scattered
touch the ground
without promising dew

no life that passes
gives a light that
shadows take for granted

no person that dies
ascends without a story
of having first landed

no father or son parted
nor mother daughter more
can ever be sure

but no one departed
has gone or come
unnoticed by someone

tell the story
no other can tell
of how we rose
before we fell


  1. love this, it coincidentally meets me at a place where I was listening to a song about a very similar topic...

    Duncan Sheik's Reasons For Living.

    Some people shit on me for liking him but his music is quite moving if you really give it time to grow in you.

  2. you know, i missed this comment when you first left it. its late now to say this, but thank you for reading. I can't say i know Duncan Sheik, but i'll give him a turn soon. I've started posting some obscure artists, you may enjoy some of the music---especially Bobb Trimble, he's my favorite!


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