Sunday, January 11, 2009

White Phosphorous Use In Gaza

White Phosphorous is an incendiary weapon that has been used in military operations since World War I. In recent times there has been controversy over its use as an "anti-personal" weapon. White Phosphorous, or "Willy Peter", is not unlike a slow burning destructive napalm that when it touches flesh it burns in the hottest degree---white hot.

In its recent campaign to neutralized perceived threats from Hamas, Israeli Defense Forces have allegedly used White Phosphorous on its military targets. The severe civilian casualties that are mounting from the Israeli military campaign have included burn markings that suggest not only White Phosphorous use, but also that the IDF is not aiming all too well when they fire at military targets.

The most recent reports from the BBC World News tells that while Israeli forces feel they are near completion with this military campaign, they are also fully aware that some of their military targets are closely placed with civilian buildings. Rather than draw out a truce, the Israeli military has instead dropped leaflets asking the Palestinian civilian population to leave their homes so they came be bombed in order to eradicate whatever Hamas presence remains.

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