Monday, December 21, 2009

i Revealed November 2009

I Waged a War of Words
that became a War of Worlds
that became a War
that became
and then Just Was.

I Saged a love by Words
that became the love of Worlds
that became a love
that became
and then

I Aged a World of love
that became a love Wild
that became a love
that became
a child

I Raged a World of Numbers
that became a World of letters
that became a World
that became
a Song

I Maged a Word of mind
that became a Body of thine
that became a World
that became
Just in time

i gauged a light of source
that became a fateful choice
that became a fate
that became

I caged a Week of Days
that became a Week of years
that became a Week
that became
God Song tears

i Aged eternal and slept awhile
i awoke to the music echo
in the cave of craze
in the cave
i sang

i forgot the words were mine
i forgot ever thine
i forgot to pay
i forgot and now
i pray

i raised a world of ghost
i chased a world of dream
i cased the world of seam
i lazed an empty beam
i heart host

lo! now do i hear the rifle call
echoing my names---how
the memory falls---how
we lose it all, somehow,
we lose it all---and how
we find it all again

we find each other, we lose each other;
we shall find each other again.
husband and wife,
brother and sister,
friend out of friend---
the river flies out,
and we loop around the bend

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