Monday, December 21, 2009

Sects within Sextus

For it may have seemed a palpable good for some members of our country, who are right now scattered throughout this nation, well deployed within its public and private sectors, enjoying the comforts of employment by the many key positions of its economy and government, firmly holding custody of its highest offices, happily sharing power within its lower offices---

For these some, who are often prone to ride like friends
or angels on the wings of military chariots
and charitable endeavors, and trade our secrets
by the symbols on their rings; to
Take advantages of the bottles they soak and can,
on the back of good chores, cloaked
as the spoils of foreign and domestic wars, and
dole out a tithe or tenth of every dollar claimed manifest;
Play then the host and just, to be the guest,
and bend the patriot to mask the treachery test,
that today was made better than yesterday’s best,
and flourish to show off unbridled audacity; they
Dub themselves captains and admirals of our industry,
pioneers of new frontiers, researchers and developers of useful technology,
teachers and preservers of progressive and traditional schools of thought,
defenders of faiths & liberties & freedoms that serve the machinations of their will & choice;
To be as wolves in our dens and lions to our pride,
swans in our lakes, turtles for our ponds,
and eagles amidst our friendly skies, and then only
to occupy the lumen of the cutin around the apple of our eyes;
Whereby to play shepherds of our herds,
command the leviathans of our deep,
awake the dragons of our quiet mysteries,
and incite the keepers of our keep;
To agitate the guardians of our grace,
dim the light upon the ministers to our chaste,
only to impersonate the scales and the tape
that measure our weights and gather our waste;

So then to better approximate the well form good neighbors make, indeed,
and render a ten per cent effort they apply toward our need,
to fuel by riddle and clue the Who and the What in what to do to who,
and the How of how to say what will become of the next garbage day;
Thereby the sharing of these wares comes the Where of the where
to place that looming black smoke---at the butt of a joke,
near the Wake of an Isle, by a ship with no rudder,
which they trade for the lordship of a fast Coast Guard Cutter,
Then lot out some nickels and slot in some dimes,
which collectively gather to buy three stitching lines,
and together so rhyme in the voice they define
all at once to unlock Eastern Standard Time;
All for the wagon and none for the yoke,
to port of the whale comes the harbor of coke,
and through the marshland’s brown reed come the great poppy seeds,
a boon of vice to a land once pure---for sure, ashore!
By the well practiced lure of a warm gentle hand,
held outward as friendship for the seal of a plan,
all appearances good, all assumptions true,
all secrets kept hidden in the soul of a shoe;
Great care to paint masks on an innocent child,
lulled in to confidence by a wink and smile,
to put Clock Makers back in the Great Crocodile,
let out of its cage for the Great Meanwhile;
To part lover from lover, and woman from man,
take the sweet baby boy from the dear baby girl,
and cut loose the Anchor under weigh to its Pearl,
all to force scan on a singular brain;
In deck cards, we know, stack the Kings of Pain,
who mix shots of real blood and treat lots of real urine,
with drams of sweet fluoride and drops burning chlorine,
to fester a jester in the Royal We, and topple the steeple watching over the sea;
Hold black operations by white knights of an order
who, remembering the codes of a long line of fathers
who first brandished the sword that shall never rust,
now wield it uncanny in the break of all trust;
And the ruse of the many are the bruise of the one
turned father from mother, and brother from sun,
and for a while, at least, all may seem good to this Some,
come cost to the many, a rapture for fun; but
To have held the Truth many years by positive checks,
Means the Piper comes calling to speckle the Nexus
In pentacle puzzles on the horizontal hexes---
Now the Some who had Many reason fear of the One
rising up as foretold ending sects within Sextus.

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