Thursday, July 29, 2010

chalice aflood

Ramses II, pharoah god, was a little man.
Napolean the French, even smaller...
Neither Pere Stalin nor Herr Hitler knew,
but our dear Fidel Castro was taller—
only George W. Bush had the wherewithal
to keep his statue neither short nor tall.
Khomeini, bin Laden, Milosevic,
                               and Sharon,

bloodshed to bloodshed, brothers to the bone---
where a savior to bind them all by turn,
where is this malycon for whom I yearn?
If she'll dance with me, I'll play her a song,
a Volta! Strike it----here comes Mao Zedong!
I've sung your name before, Mistress Malice---now,
wring their hands bare of blood, drink the chalice

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