Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do not stop believing, Frankenstein

Do not stop believing, Frankenstein,
though your switches throw sparks—we say,
‘We’ll make you whole, fit, and fine!’

You are wise to drop your drawers and divine
us with your minted flesh. For the best, we pray,
‘Do not stop believing, Frankenstein.’

Trust us, and all the world will be your wine.
With this point you gain sure as surely we bray,
‘Now we make you whole, fit, and fine!’

Power—now we’ll change that dash of masculine
for grace and eloquence, to sing and sashay,
‘Don’t ever stop careering, Frankenstein.’

You’ve broken your stitches—at last refined,
Frankenstein with tits! Bloody profits! Today,
‘We’ve made you whole, fit, and fine!’

Tomorrow, we’ll put you in the chorus line
and beat Nature to He-Elle! with lauding forté!
‘Oh, that you’ve not stopped believing, Frankenstein,
has made you the whole, fit and fortunate kind!’

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