Monday, August 30, 2010

Breathe Baby , Breathe

Breathe Baby, Breathe

breathe baby, breathe---
you were a good grape,
that's why they took you
and crushed you and rubbed you
and bottled you up
and sold you to me.

my sweet dry pinot,
baby girl, breathe,
i need you to breathe now
and tell me your name
before i take you inside
where its warm.

So I wrote this poem "Breathe Baby, Breathe" for Conjunction. Susan Katz, Conjunction's moderator, gave the poem a better life than I could ever have pairing it with jazz music, a sexy set of breathy vocals and a comely array of visual art.  The rendering was brilliant. And I now look forward to the next collaboration. 

note: in the video, Susan changes baby girl to baby boy to match gender. Perhaps I wouldn't mind being changed to a donkey if she set a few more of my poems to music and offered her vocals again.

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