Monday, August 30, 2010

i am, i am

i took a walk out on the wall awhile.
i knew the truth inside then out,
kept it bundled, then let it out,
but i am no less christian than you.

i came to easter with empty hands.
i knew hunger in every twitch,
held my breath but had to twitch,
but i am no less christian than you.

i took my valium and over did it!
i knew the truth but had to puke,
held it in but had to puke,
but i am---iamiamiam---No!
less christian than you!

i took my time, there was no rush,
to know myself inside and out---
in-inward gaze out-outward out!
and i am---No? Yes? christian. and you?

i gave myself to selfish thoughts,
selfish me and selfish you---
the all of me, the all of you...
and I am no less Christian than you.

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