Sunday, December 26, 2010

middle eastern love story

on the northern side of the gate,
due east of the middle door,
sat a lovely brown hair whore
primed by destiny, hoping this date
a gentleman might call and not too late---
and she was a sight for all eyes sore!

a gentleman came and saw her smile
while she sat upright in a chair,
he leaned forward and asked 'are you in there?'
she nodded and exhaled a smokey file,
he waved his hand a signature style
and caught the smoke within the air.

'good' he said, and turned to the door,
his hand now the key and trust,
his mission now free and bust,
his eyes now! how they soar!
to see what treasures she had in store,
chests of gold and locks of rust!

he saw her form walk in the room
and try to avoid contacting his eye,
though while passing she had to sigh
by the scent of his unique perfume,
and questioned 'why?' before her 'oh my!'
and thereby a swoon, became his loom!

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