Saturday, January 1, 2011

#poetry - come cibola

there in a dew drop! there is coronado!
he made one mistake and he went roller coaster---
he said "peeps down on your knees,
this here is my mountain i will do what i please."

what padre eyes saw! beaming all directions!
it was pueblo heaven, he was intoxicato,
he said "oh my jeez here in the breeze---
seven gates unlocked the life and knowledge of trees,
take cibola right now fast and free."

quite sad induction got them canyon splendor,
it was not a heaven! (?) it was loosy furlough! (?)
took them all down below the sea,
look up from your books now and forget your degrees---
was cibola's bright brow worth the fee?

and holy rollers backed conquistadoros,
they drank holy water! they wrought tomes of slaughter!
they said "for the cross and trinity,
make yourselves us-looking for we break unto thee,
come cibola flash now lastingly."

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