Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#poetry -- how i went out in amsterdam

there in good old amsterdam
across the pond from u.s.a.
sitting in a coffee house
i saw the ghost of ole pompeii

a fire-breathing ruin-girl!
i stood---she saw me bow.
then i asked her "sit by me."
she said "fine sir, show me how."

"can we just agree then,
you're sitting all the time,
a sitting queen, a standing king,
in a realm of folklore rhyme?"

"that would be a miracle,
but your time is running out,
and all your words and letters, sir---
a fairy tale full of doubt."

her eyes filled in with flame,
the room began to swirl with light,
smoke i tasted presently.
"hey there---sir, are you alright?"

and as she was pulling out my soul,
headmaster looked on---
the sitting queen consumed her king,
and spat him across the pond.

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