Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#poetry - lottery a-dreamin'

i set a small pile of money on fire
i sit indian style and breathe
the smoke gets me high and dreamy
i imagine i am rich by lottery
my relatives come out of hiding
i tell them they can have money
scholarship money only
i am hated for this a little while
and soon it gets round the newspapers
and then i get fame atop riches
rich man sends family to school
this keeps them all preoccupied
out of my hair that i might pursue
other goals i have thought up
i then engage a test pilot program
call it project pride and progeny
i offer my sperm to lesbian couples

on the condition i participate in
the education track of the children
i do this with industrial fervor

and soon i have 1000 children
later they come to work with me
by their own choice and capacity
all along their desires fostered
we, my operation, accomodate them,
they have been groomed since birth
to assume an awesome mantle
my program is there for them too
they are encouraged to use it
and do and each have 1000 children
because they are all first-born males
i had insisted on that too,
engineering, now i am a grandfather
with a million off-spring spawned
i love this dream so much
i set aflame a pile of cash
at least once a week and dream
of this i would do with all that
lottery money when it comes
and i am not even retired yet

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