Monday, October 3, 2011

#poetry - in a cascade of song

the master steps forward
and reveals himself,
and the mistress finds
that her time watch unwinds.
the children besides
themselves in wonder
call out of wonder for
a cascade of song.

the moment is come
and won't be here long.
the minute is a drill
for the next minute singing
we are all pretty
we are all lovely
we are all symptoms
of this brightly lit city!

the burden of choosing
the king and the queen
falls on the shoulders
of harpsichord duos,
who drink up the store
of mexican boozes,
before locking us all
in american dances.

we sing and we drink
before calling for taxis,
then we sing and we drink
till the red sun rises
and stand in the wake
of infinity's righteous
cheering us on
to closer embraces.

the master steps forward
and his mistress encases
the light of his mind
where his children find wonder.
the moment is come!
the clock works its faces.
and the children are born
in a cascade of song.

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