Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#poetry - love, after young

 "love, after young"

Thereupon the Great Swan was the song
to quiet the sparrows.
As he sang dizzy came to the head
looser of arrows,
and the mark that he struck hit just wide
the four-legged Pharaohs.
Yet the end happened when he discovered
the taste of their marrow.

What happened to begin the Western war,
greatest of ages,
was a strange lust exchange in the words
of their warrior sages,
who commanded their nuclear den mothers,
Unlock the cages!
and said, On the lovers--happen wonders,
to the mages.

In short time on all minds came the spell,
and then the caster.
To the beds of brethren orders, shame
boiled faster and faster,
as their mates were all claimed by new mates
and minding their master.
Why this hapless exchange of true love?
Why any disaster?

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