Saturday, October 1, 2011

#poetry - strum honey strum

i was always meant to be a certain way,
but i let something
                       some dark storm
                       some hand from the darkness
some tightly bound omega atom of energy
hold my hand and take me away
                       to the shades of gray
                       and the pitch black
to map out my days
within a lightless maze
                       to run the mill
                       sick through and through
to grind down all that was right in my mind
and make it wrong wrong wrong---

i found my way out by the sight of song,
i looked back and in one sonic strum,
i destroyed the maze of chains
                       groping my arm,
i beat down the hordes of darkness
                       with the light of harp
                       and the din of drum,
a teaspoon of honey for every right strum
is an awful lot of
                       honey yum, honey yum, yum,
                       honey yum, honey yum, yum yum.

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