Thursday, October 17, 2013

#poetry - melting time

my freezer froze my margarita mix
melting time is on my hands

     i slide this pen
     i make sticks

how are all of you before
    the how of all of me

sometimes i refuse to believe in distinction
     for evolution leadeth toward extinction

but we stretch
and our muscles unnerve
        as we catch a yawn
and the worst of all of it
    moves further and further along

so we can enjoy what has melted
and also be patient for what is frozen

while toes can kick a bull dozer
tithers tether crooked teeth
  one by one a dozen
minusing the meek
           set to sail
       set a voyaging mind explosion
   set a sun but one billion years to death
set a line that makes all lines whetted

now to attend to our very beginning
         which before our end has feted

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