Sunday, May 4, 2014

#poetry Available

A concise night.
A friend's birthday, and we crawled--
at first venue, a little wine,
At second, beer.

Driving alone home,
My hands and fingers wander
A backseat stash

The plastic bag shrouds two water bottles--
and after a minute fumbling for one,
I settle for what's more available.
And opening, I pause,
thinking should have tried harder for the other.
An extended career of taking Available.

Father John says that
Matthew's disciples say that
Matthew said that
Jesus said that
just as birds can take from trees
and find all they need upon the ground
in a field of flower and grass,
so shall we find all we need
in the Abundance, that is available.

If any part of this sounds ridiculous,
There's still always the second water bottle,
entwined in plastic,
accessible only to those who pull over the car
turn on a light
and figure the situation out.

I choked a little and puked a little
while composing thse thoughts.

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