Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#poetry - all he could remember

molly bloom must be what happens when a woman has sex
and she just rambles on and she just keeps going and going
and when she's going she's thinking and that's what
must be why she takes so long to come and why i am thinking about it so much

i'm going out she said i'm going out i'm going out
and i saw there was something to smoke in her hand
and i decided to go out too and so i thought hard for a moment
i just needed to stand and walk and so i stood and walked
and i could be having something of a staring contest
with the left side of my brain waiting for the rightful thoughts
to take their place on the side mountain of my creative notions
there to be thwarted by the staccato signature noises of the tapping of my shoe

but i couldn't answer her when she asked me what am i in the mood for
i couldn't even too quickly realize the subject was music
sweet music the kind that would augment my inner killing inner killing
the kind that would take my uhh and make it ahh make it ahh
and who could be calling me right now at 10:30
she says i shouldn't answer but then pretends for that person
she knows what they were going to say and then tells me its private
and cannot be shared which is fine because i was feeling a little reserved anyway

and i turned my head when the lightning came to be one great part of the sky
before the music fading made a few non fading noises to waken what was fallen
and moving once or moving twice it came for me and i didn't mind it all
because there was only some child's notion in me that what was happening
should not be happening everything else was well I was okay with it
and so i nodded and tapped my toes on the wood and didn't feel it but saw it
and then the wine needed sipping but that came before another drag and got in the way
and took a little longer than usual which was fine it needed to happen
and then that drag which reminds me there was a captain of a company
and there was a moment when he put the light in her face which was all he was supposed to do
and he realized this and that was the missing ingredient in his mind
and then he knew that was all he was supposed to do
even if it took him another year or lifetime or eternity
even if it was only once every shaking of the earth that he brought the light to her face
that was all and he took another drag and another sip and the lightning came again
and then the music fading got smoother and that was all he could remember

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