Saturday, May 31, 2014

#poetry - negotiating alternatives

all life is a negotiation
i am going to negotiate my way out of this one
as i have negotiated my way into it

we're not to be made feel ashamed of who we are
especially when we find out who we truly are
especially then are we to be proud and stand

so then there is this where the strength and surety
comes from to inform our mind with insight
and invigorate our heart to put forward a suggestion

and if there are counter thoughts to the contrary
we'll be good and strong enough to hear them
and either find a way to rebut or to compromise

but we will not sail into a pit feeling with remorse
nor feel a way of dullful rejected acceptances
or allow a whole wide promising venture to die

not without a fight of geniune witty stubborn
stalwart gripping evasive thwarting exciting
strange unconventional defiance of normality alternatives

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