Saturday, May 31, 2014

#poetry - stopping ingenuity

i guess we build up or would it be down
there's more than one way to go
if you think about it often enough
and if you don't think someone thinks for you

i took a while to make myself up
and i did and i was grand and that was good
anyone could see and they knew and this felt fine
each of those moments were why life is so important

every picture has a highlight and a shadow
and sometimes someone comes to me asking advice
and sometimes i bring them through a journey
of building up and down until they buy my lines

where do these lines come from i never wonder
they come from the place i came from to begin with
am i ever to feel that i am not right for loving that
only for the longest moment and only for the longest moments

and before and after these sometimes i go to another
and walk on the lot and into the shop and therefore
i am sprung in another's trap and captured there to hear
the sounds of true words and see images of flowing beauty

another's innocence or that kind of portrayal
or beyond a skeptical sense an innocence of another kind
and there i will bask for the glory of it taking it all in
and letting it soak and become me and allowing myself to be sold

but are we ever truly sold or truly able to sell
when where it comes from is flowing and not stable
when where it all comes from is always on the move
to keep on making and making new always without end

oh holy god i am so tired and yet still young
and i know nothing is guaranteed not middle not old
and that there is no going back even for breath
but that why would you has an answer undoing everything

and that standing still doing nothing is possible
beyond the alarms of the mind ringing out for action
there is a stopping of the gears halting ingenuity
life is so important even if you make nothing

what you do for life what would you do for life
would you come to me now for i am failing
or let me know again and again what else there is
beyond and beyond that till the beyond runs out of itself

a loop a loop again a loop there there where where
growing is not what is happening what is happening
is only a happening whether up or down shivering
and whether words have meaning or not meaning or not

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